Augusto Fraga filming Coca-Cola in China

Augusto Fraga took the Portuguese talent across borders again. This time, to Asia, where he signed the film of Coca-Cola for the Rio Olympics in 2016. The Portuguese director reveals that it was one of the most intense work you have done, where actors and emotions are reais.Em Portugal it is resident director of Krypton, while also working in the international market, representing other production companies. Its portfolio includes brands such as Nike, Heineken, Vodafone, Playstation and Mercedes Benz.O anúnciofoi filmed in Beijing for four days, with a technical team of 200 people and 4 months of post-production, creativity is the McCann Shanghai . All people involved are real and the emotions shown. The ad shows Chinese athletes as Sun Yang, Lang Ping and Zhang Peimeng, who talk about the emotions associated with competition and the people who support this route. In the moments before the start of the race, we entered the minds of athletes and answer us important questions: Why train so intensely? Why is it so important to win? Which means “gold”? Combining three different stories, the announcement shows that the best moments are those that are shared with the really important people – for them, this is “gold.”

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